Seminar: Signal Processing in Passive Multistatic Radar System (MRS)

Thursday, February 13 th, 2014


Wednesday (5/2), Fasilkom UI held a Seminar with Jan Pidanic as the speaker. He is a teacher and researcher from Faculty of Engineering and informatics, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic. Held in Grand Meeting Room, Faculty of Computer Science UI, the seminar discussed Signal Processing in Passive Multistatic Radar System (MRS).

In his research, Jan analyzed and compared the CAF (Cross Ambiguity Function) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) computation method in different hardware configurations. CAF computation is key function for successful location tracking for passive radar system. The next is comparing the computation efficiency and speed of methods of CAF on GPU hardware in comparison with a single or multi-Core PC workstation. The results show the highest speed-up factor using GPU for all CAF methods. In the next research Jan focused on signal processing in a multistatic radar system that is caused by several independent bistatic radars receiving signals scattered of multiple moving targets. The aim of this research is the association algorithm programming and its optimization in the sense of computation speed-up with parallel programming techniques.

Besides explaining his research, Jan Pidanic also shared opportunity to study in University of Pardubice with the seminar participants. He hoped that University of Pardubice and Fasilkom UI can do beneficial cooperation in education and research……

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