Seminar Reboan: Rapid-Fire Business Intelligence (Tableau)

Friday, May 16 th, 2014


On Wednesday, April 23, 2014, Fasilkom UI brought one of its alumni, Nadia Alatas, to the Auditorium of Fasilkom UI to be the Seminar Reboan speaker. Nadia, now works as the director of PT Cybertrend Intrabuana Indonesia (CII), discussed about Rapid-Fire Business Intelligence as the main issue with Tableau as the promoted product. PT CII is Tableau’s main partner from Indonesia.

Before discussing Tableau, Nadia explained first about the importance of business intelligence nowadays to the audience. With the rapid economic growth, business intelligence helps people to get to know why an economic phenomenon happens and why it should happen. Thus, the society, especially the businessmen, can decide on how to respond to an economic phenomenon. An implementation of business intelligence in IT world is the Tableau application.

Tableau is an application that gives data analyzing service to its users. The rapid development of civilization results in the enormous amount of data about everything in the world. The huge data, according to Nabila , is highly potential. Tableau helps its users to analyze the present data and represent it into graphics, tables, and other visual aids to make the analysis more understandable.  Tableau is able to analyze up to millions of data from various sources, such as database, big data, servers, cloud, and many more. Not only that, Tableau is also available for iOS, Android, and other operation systems. There are three versions of Tableau to make it usable for any needs; Tableau Desktop for public users, Tableau Server for organizations, and Tableau Public for public websites. With its easy use and fast data processing, Tableau becomes one of the most flexible and easy-to-use self-service application for people.

Not only did she give explanation about the description and the use of Tableau, Nadia also gave a live demo of using Tableau to the audience. The audience’s interest and enthusiasm showed in the number of questions popped out regarding the application demo. At the end of the seminar, Nadia announced that every student can get a free 1-year installation of Tableau Desktop. (SA)

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