Recruitment Teaching Assistant

Accepted Teaching Assistants (TA) are due to sign contracts as a part-time teaching assistant and receive monthly payment.
Number of TA’s required: 20 people/semester (Subject to change)
Job details
FASILKOM UI is currently seeking for two types of TA’s:

  • Class assistant
  • Lab assistant
  • Class/Lab Log assistant (for Fasilkom UI students active, you can see at

Job description

  • Each TA is expected to work for 40 hours/week. Supposed they are still active students, they may work part-time for only 20 hours/week. There are two types of TA’s, class and lab assistant.
  • A class assistant has responsibilities to tutor students, grade assignments, assist the teachers to prepare materials and design the courses for one or more classes.
  • A lab assistant is primarily responsible to set up all equipment in the laboratory, along with maintaining network configuration, network security, laboratory house-keeping (computer, hardware, and network), system development, data processing, and others.
  • A TA has the right to be paid based on their working hours. If you work beyond your contracted hours, you can request for an increased salary in accordance to the hours you have invested in. More information about TA can be accessed in Lembaga Asisten website:


In order for your application to be processed, you should attach the scholarship application and documents as follow:

  • Application letter should be written in English and no more than three pages. This letter must contain your motivation, research and teaching interest, and teaching experiences (if any).
  • Cover letter should exemplify that you do not sign up for another job other than being TA in FASILKOM UI during the contract period.
  • For non-FASILKOM UI applicants, please attach:
    • Transcripts of completed courses and grades. You can show the temporary copy if the final version is not out.
    • Certificates and diplomas of your completed degree, if any.
    • Resume, which includes your brief biography, academic background, work and research experience (if any).
    • Letters of recommendation from three academic supervisors/counselors. It is highly recommended that at least two of the three are from academics, such as your thesis supervisor.

Application procedures

  • When submitting your application, all required documents should be submitted before the deadline (move forward to the Application Deadlines)
  • Send in your application via email to the faculty’s academic center:
  • Employ the following titles for your email subjects
    • To submit your application: [Daftar TA]
    • To ask for more information: [Keterangan TA]

To know more about FASILKOM UI, kindly visit our homepage:

Application deadlines

  • 15 December, for contract starting from January
  • 15 January, for contract starting from February
  • 15 June, for contract starting from July
  • 15 August, for contract starting from September

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