Real-Time Enterprise & Big Data Analytics

Wednesday, May 22 nd, 2013

Nowadays, Business Intelligence and Database Management have caused the high capacity of data used by a company, both IT and non-IT company. That accelerating amount of data, known as Big Data, should be used maximally by the company to get the most accurate and useful information for its users.

Regarding that problem, Fasilkom UI in Seminar Reboan (May, 8th 2013) presented speakers from SAP Indonesia, Christoper Gunawan (SAP Solution Architect, Database & Datawarehouse) and Alicia Woo (Senior Manager, University Alliances SEA at SAP). The theme of the seminar is “Real-time Enterprise and Big Data Analytics”. In this seminar, Christoper explained about how a company should explore and analyze every transaction and data analytical from all data sources in such a short time.

SAP technology basically is applicable for every company because SAP counts on visual intelligence, mobility and in memory technology. SAP visual intelligence is used to analyze data quickly in a detailed way, whereas SAP mobility is used to build the application, and In memory technology will help to accelerate an action toward a data, known as SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance). SAP HANA is a collaboration of software and hardware in a special system so it can help to analyze and solve problems based on the data source. SAP HANA becomes very important because there are not so many applications now that can give accurate and detailed problem solving so the users can take immediate respond. This is also expressed by Christoper who wished that each of us can know about HANA technology and be willing to learn it more.

As a closing, Alicia Woo said, “Just be an IT Professional is not good enough to be a good business entrepreneur”.

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