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IMG_2620Center for Computer Science of Universitas Indonesia (Pusilkom UI) was established in 1972. This facility aims to improve the performance and competence of every member of Universitas Indonesia in the field of computer science. Since its first establishment, Pusilkom UI has participated in numerous projects to realize a better future for computer science in the academic, government, and business/industry settings.

In 1986, this center was elected as the Inter-University Center for the field of computer science in the research project development funded by the World Bank. This shows that Pusilkom UI has gained some recognition in the field of computer science. In 2005 when UI was still part of BHMN, Pusilkom UI was repositioned as an academic business unit under the Faculty of Computer Science (FASILKOM). As an academic business unit with the support from highly competent members, Pusilkom UI focuses on providing services in the field of information technology to the industry/business/government in Indonesia.

Please visit our website (http://www.pusilkom.ui.ac.id) for more information about Pusilkom UI and its services.

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