PSAF Fasilkom UI 2014

Thursday, September 04 th, 2014


The family of Fasilkom UI held a welcoming program for the new students of Fasilkom UI batch 2014 through PSAF (Pengenalan Sistem Akademik Universitas tingkat Fakultas – Introduction of University Academic System for Faculty). The program was a part of the PMB (Pembinaan Mahasiswa Baru – New Students Coaching) series that aim to help new students adapting to the faculty environment both physically and academically. This year, Saqib (Fasilkom 2012) act as the committee head with F. Ariella (Fasilkom 2012) as the vice deputy.

PSAF was held in three days, August 25-27, 2014, in Fasilkom UI. The event was opended by the Dean of Faculty, Mirna Adriani, followed by the introduction of Fasilkom UI officials and managements. After that, new students were given a briefing about the faculty curriculum and academic rules including total credits, evaluation, passing requirements, IRS filling method, leave allotments, overseas study, etc. The briefing was conducted by Fasilkom UI lecturers: Petrus Mursanto, H. Maruli M., Ade Azurat, Siti Aminah, A. Nizar H., and Betty Purwandari. The new students were also given a chance to study and to meet their seniors through a mentoring program.

On the second day, the subject taught to the new students was “Academic Ethic and Stress Management”. The subject was presented directly by Fasilkom lecturers: Widijayanto S. N., Erdefi Rakun, Kasiyah M. J., and Ika Alfina. In the afternoon, the session was followed by the Succeeding Tips, Rules, Facilities, and Fasilkom UI Information System as well as information about Scholarship and Student Affairs. The subject was given by Harry Budi S., Denny, Maman S., Indra Budi, Siti Aminah, and M. H. Hilman.

On the last day of PSAF, the new students were given an opportunity to get to know more about Fasilkom environment and student activities. The event that was held on the parking lot of Fasilkom UI was also attended by Fasilkom alumnus, which are Rama Dwiyana Putera (Fasilkom UI 2010) and Haermiwan Zumar Fathony (Vice Coordinator for Assisting Team of Technical Judicial Reform in Indonesian Supreme Court). The event became more joyous with the performance of UKM (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa – Student Organizations) in Fasilkom UI, which are Asciipella, Binari, Teater Biru Merah and many more. The committee hopes that through this event, new students can understand the academic system and the environment of Fasilkom UI and can be the part of the family of Fasilkom UI. #Viva-viva-Fasilkom-UI

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