Open Days UI – Fasilkom UI

Tuesday, May 13 th, 2014


On March 1-2, 2014, Open Days UI 2014 was being held again in the Central Library of Universitas Indonesia. The event went successfully and attracts high-enthusiasm from 7000 visitors, from high school students to those who want to continue their study in UI. The event was consisted of many faculty seminars; one of them was from Faculty of Computer Science (Fasilkom) UI.

The seminar of Fasilkom UI was held on the second day of the event at 1 PM in the UI Cinema Room, featuring Petrus Mursanto, a lecturer from Fasilkom, as the speaker. The high-interest was shown in the number of participants in the seminar and the questions asked by them regarding the discussion about Fasilkom UI. Besides, Open Days UI also provided a booth for every faculty. Fasilkom booth was divided into three parts; each for Bachelor, post-graduate, and International Class program. There were many visitors eager for further information about Fasilkom UI from the representations of Fasilkom students, alumni, and public relation division. For two days, the representations of Fasilkom students and alumni shared their experiences when studying in Fasilkom UI. This way has eased the information sharing to the visitors who were mostly high school students.

The event committees hope that this event can benefit all visitors. #UIOpenDays2014 #UIFasilkom.

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