Dok. Temu Alumni Tahun 2015

Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia (FASILKOM UI) is considered to be oldest and leading institutions in the field of Information and Communication Technology in Indonesia. In its history of establishment, FASILKOM UI cannot be separated from Pusilkom (Computer Science Centre) UI that started in 1972, which have contributed to IT advancement in Indonesia. FASILKOM UI has given birth and fostered considerable number of alumni who have made major contributions in national and international levels.

Of course, it is crucial that competent alumni affiliated with FASILKOM UI are able to unify and connect with other fellow graduates to serve greater impacts to the faculty and society. To accomplish that goal, FASILKOM UI provides an outlet called FASILKOM UI Alumni Association (ILUNI FASILKOM UI) to strengthen their bonds and encourage each member to contribute.

In 2015, the faculty cooperated with ILUNI and the Association of Parents, Students, Faculty Members and Alumni (POMDA) to hold an event called ‘Temu Alumni’ (lit. Meeting Alumni) in Annex Hall, Balairung UI.

Hopefully the chairman and entire board members can continue to advance the connection between each member through network empowerment and better communication. This way, ILUNI FASILKOM UI is able to provide benefits and services for all who are connected to the alma mater, and at the same time, making it easier for all alumni to stay in touch, contribute and get the latest information.

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

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