The most useful experience here in Fasilkom UI, according to me, is the trend of thinking systematically. Just as Software Development Life Cycle, the way of thinking, decision-making, and long-term planning is very applicative for business world.

Founder & CEO of Anomali Coffee

Irvan Helmi, alumni of Fasilkom UI 2000

Fasilkom UI really fits my passion in studying. In my opinion, the theory and practices are very well-balanced here.

Director of PT Cybertrend Intrabuana Indonesia

Nadia Alatas, alumni of Fasilkom UI 1990

Experiences and kinship in Fasilkom UI has taught me to choose to SHARE with other.

Teacher in Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar

Agung Firmansyah, alumni of Fasilkom UI 2005

” We’re taught by great quality of lecturer which enable us to both learn fully about computer science and adapt ourselves with good english communication environment. Overall I feel excited to be a part of this class”

Krisna Setioaji, Alumni of International Class Fasilkom UI 2007

“Challenging! That word describes my feeling about how I study at both University of Queensland and Universitas Indonesia the most. Each university has its own characteristic and uniqueness, from the teaching staff, study methods, friends, life culture, etc. I can learn many things from that and I feel so lucky I can spend my time here.”

Fatimah Az Zahra, Brisbane, Alumni of International Class of Fasilkom UI 2006